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OwnerCarry.Com (NV: B.0144154) and CredNet (CA: 01901203) are the first and only REALTORS who GUARANTEE you will qualify for real estate!Get Your Credit Report Here

Our Program Features:

  • Free Credit Analysis

    Free Analysis

    We take a detailed look at your credit reports and financial situation to customize a plan for your real estate needs.

  • Credit Repair

    100% GUARANTEE

    We GUARANTEE you will qualify! We correct mistakes on your credit reports and skillfully prepare your financials.

  • Debt Settlement

    Three Clicks

    We handle the offers and applications so just CLICK to buy, sell, and lease real estate!

  • Our Fresh Start Program

    Passive Income

    We help you generate, manage, and grow passive income streams!

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Step 1: Free Analysis

Many times, our client's finances and credit ratings aren't nearly as bad as they think they are - especially when compared to today's environment. We will take a highly detailed look at your credit reports, FICO scores, and all of your assets and debts so we can develop a great plan for improving your financial appearance as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Moreover, we will consult with you during every step of the process to explore your real estate options as they become available.

Step 2: 100% GUARANTEE!

We GUARANTEE you will qualify! We will go over your credit report in-depth looking to find errors or misleading inaccurate information. By correcting any mistakes or oversights on your credit report through sending dispute letters, in many cases this allows us to reduce your debt, creating more opportunities to qualify for better rates and terms.

Step 3: Real Estate

We have a revolutionary approach to real estate! By finding motivated sellers who can offer second chance financing alternatives, and by helping motivated buyers improve their financial appearance, OwnerCarry.Com has created the first ever real estate program with GUARANTEED QUALIFICATION!

Step 4: Passive Income

This is the type of income that you don't have to work for, now available to you because of GUARANTEED access to the cheapest and most financially constructive form of credit: a real estate loan!

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

Seeing is believing, you can browse just a few of the credit reports we have recently received back from clients showing the types of results we regularly accomplish.
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Real Estate... Double Your Income Passively

See how easy it can be to take advantage of the record low mortgage rates, Stated or No Income Loans, and Low or No Down Payment Loans, and second chance financing options such as seller financing, FHA, and Fannie Mae, all thanks to OwnerCarry.Com!
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What Can We Help With?

  • Stated & No Income
  • Low & No Down Payment
  • Late Payments & Inquiries
  • Collections & Charge-Off's
  • Bankruptcies & Judgments
  • Foreclosures & Liens
  • Repossessions & Identity Theft
  • Incorrect Personal Info
  • And more...
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The Law Is On Your Side

And so are we. The Fair Credit Reporting Act grants you the right to dispute questionable items on your credit report and allows you to have assistance with the process. Knowing how the system really works is why it is smart to hire us.
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Credit Card Offers

We also offer a variety of credit cards. See what credit card offers are available to you now.
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Our ChexSystems Recovery Services

Don't worry. This program is designed to help individuals who do not have a banking relationship to gain access to financial services.
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